Saturday, February 20, 2010

Woman Groped On Train - Video (girls Only!) How Would You React To Being Groped?

(girls only!) How would you react to being groped? - woman groped on train - video

I heard a big problem groping subway in Japan, but most women do not want to make a scene, which occurs because of their culture. Assuming you're in a crowded train and you notice that someone is behind you, or you humping dry milling. How would you react? What do you think this kind of behavior?


  1. I am hard on the feet stamp or kick him where it hurts. When he put his hand on my chest, I'll bite. Hard.

  2. I would like to respond to a blow to the groin, boys! , tap when in Japan, Sweden, Croatia and elsewhere, false. Not a man or a woman should never be touched in any way without your prior consent. I have a tattoo on his back and as soon as this person I barely knew lifted his shirt for him, and I beat him in the stomach. I want to touch only those people to me in any way, especially if you do not know.

  3. Id start to cry, and if someone tries to start again, type I / kick