Monday, February 8, 2010

Torture Pics Showing Breasts Being Cut Off If ACLU Want To Show Pics. Of Torture, Why Not Show Pics. Of People Jumping Out Of The World Trade Center?

If ACLU want to show pics. of torture, why not show pics. of people jumping out of the World Trade Center? - torture pics showing breasts being cut off

I do not understand. Water Show of embarkation in an attempt to disgrace the United States, but not the head of Daniel Peale are cut, or people jumping from burning buildings is from terrorism.


  1. If U think that the media, Obama said he did not know show b / c they fear reprisals from radical groups.

  2. ??????

    The government will also provide us a right to know what he was doing. Do not act, the 9 / 11 attackers with the money in our name, but we attacked.

    S Since the government now holds the secret of the images they describe, so no problem.

    Not apples and oranges the same.